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1965.06.07 - Landing of Gemini 4

Gemini 4 landed at 17:11 GMT in the Atlantic Ocean about 725 km east of Cape Kennedy - some 65 km from its nominal landing point due to failure of its guidance computer. The crew boarded a helicopter 34 minutes after landing and was transported to the prime recovery ship, the aircraft carrier Wasp. Spacecraft recovery was completed at 2:28 p.m., a little more than 100 hours after Gemini 4 had been launched. Gemini 4 was the first mission to be controlled from the mission control center in Houston.

The splashdown was rough and the crew missed the aimpoint by 80 kilometers. However the recovery forces reacted swiftly, and fifty-seven minutes after touchdown, the crew stepped onto the deck of the aircraft carrier Wasp.

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