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1958.04.01 - Lunar photographic atlas begun

A $61,000 contract was signed by the Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago, and the Air Force. Gerard P. Kuiper, principal investigator, was to produce a new lunar photographic atlas. The moon's visible surface would be divided into 44 areas, and each would be represented by at least four photographs taken under varying lighting conditions.

The photographs would be assembled from the following observatories: Yerkes, Williams Bay, Wisc.; Lick, Mount Hamilton, Calif.; Mount Wilson-Palomar, Mount Wilson, Calif.; Pic-du-Midi, France; and McDonald, Fort Davis, Tex. The contract was to run from April 1, 1958, to March 31, 1959. It was extended on February 25, 1959, to September 3, 1959, with increase in funds of $52,500, and again on November 18, 1959, to April 30, 1960, with no increase in funds.

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