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1966.10.25 - MSFC distributed its research and development plan for the OWS.

The development plan defined objectives and basic criteria for the project and established a plan for its technical management (chiefly through MSFC's Propulsion and Vehicle Engineering Division). Officially, the Workshop had won approval for the Saturn/Apollo Applications 209 mission, which was a backup for Apollo-Saturn 209. Primary purpose of SAA-209 was activation of the spent S-IVB stage into a habitable space structure for extended Earth-orbit missions.

In addition, a number of objectives for the OWS were considered essential to man's abilities in space: Evaluation of man's capability to inhabit and exploit large space structures Development of supporting technology for the AAP and advanced space vehicles Evaluation of man's ability to accomplish complex tasks in space Evaluation of biomedical and systems aspects of extended duration missions. Deactivation of the Workshop so that it could be revisited and reactivated on subsequent missions. Most importantly, the OWS would advance space science and technology and thus "sustain the tempo of the national space program, and aid in assuring U.S. primacy in space."

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