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1967.07.26 - NASA Administrator Webb refuses to make choice between substantial cuts in either the Apollo Applications or Voyager programs.

NASA Administrator James E. Webb testified on the NASA FY 1968 authorization bill before the Senate Committee on Appropriations' Subcommittee on Independent Offices. Asked by Sen. Spessard Holland (D Fla.) to make a choice between a substantial cut in funding for the Apollo Applications Program and the Voyager program, Webb replied that both were vital to the U.S. space effort.

"The Apollo Application is a small investment to expend on something you have already spent $15 billion to get and it seems to me that this is important. "On the other hand, the United States, if it retires from the exploration of the planetary field, in my view-, . . . the most serious consequences because the Russians are going to be moving out there and our knowledge of the forces that exist in the Solar System can affect the Earth and can be used for many purposes to serve mankind or for military power ...." Criticized by Sen. Holland for refusing to make a choice, Webb said he did not want "to give aid and comfort to anyone to cut out a program. I think it is essential that we do them both."

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