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1965.08.26 - Prelaunch heat loads on Apollo LEM-1

Grumman advised that prelaunch heat loads on LEM-1 exceeded the capability of the spacecraft's prelaunch Freon boiler.

That boiler had originally been designed for loads anticipated from fuel-celled LEMs. When batteries replaced fuel cells, MSC had recommended deleting the boiler; Grumman had urged that the item be retained on LEM-1, however, because that spacecraft would have optional equipment onboard at launch. "It appears," Crew Systems Division (CSD) reported, "that the number of items of equipment required to be on (LEM-1) at earth launch has snowballed": the boiler's maximum capability was about 900 Btus per hour; the spacecraft's heat load was estimated at something like 6,000. "GAEC is presently investigating what can be done to reduce these loads," CSD said.

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