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1965.12.17 - Proposal rejected that the Development Flight Instrumentation (DFI) on Apollo LEM-3 be deleted

The MSC Systems Development Branch rejected a proposal that the Development Flight Instrumentation (DFI) on LEM-3 be deleted for the following reasons:

  1. LEM-3 would be the first full-weight LEM launched on a Saturn V vehicle.

    This would be the only chance of obtaining necessary information about the responses of LEM during launch.
    - The AS-503 mission would offer the only opportunity of obtaining information on the characteristics of a fully loaded, mated LEM and CSM prior to attempting a lunar landing.
    - Three LEMs with DFI were considered the minimum number acceptable in the program to provide flexibility in flight planning and ability to accommodate the loss of LEMs 1 or 2 without a major impact on the program.

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