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1966.05.11 - Refurbished CSMs proposed for AAP.

Replying to a suggestion by MSC Director Robert R. Gilruth that AAP capitalize on Apollo hardware to an even greater extent by using refurbished CSMs, Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight George E. Mueller deferred any action toward implementing a competitive effort for such work. This was necessary, he said, because of the present unsettled nature of AAP planning.

Because of revisions in AAP mission planning as a result of joint Center-Headquarters discussions in mid-April, however, Mueller told Gilruth that he was ordering MSFC to undertake a parallel study to evaluate a refurbished CSM versus a LEM laboratory for the AAP experiments program. Results of both studies would help program planners determine whether and in what configuration a refurbished CSM might best fit into AAP mission planning. That same day, Saturn/Apollo Applications Deputy Director John H. Disher wrote to Leland F. Belew, Saturn/AAP Manager at MSFC, asking that he order the AAP payload integration contractors to evaluate the refurbished command module concept compared with the LEM lab and the S IVB support module.

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