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1962.04.06 - Request for proposal for the Little Joe II launch vehicle

The request for a proposal on the Little Joe II test launch vehicle was submitted to bidders by a letter from MSC, together with a Work Statement. Five launches, which were to test boilerplate models of the Apollo spacecraft command module in abort situations, were called for: three in 1963 and two in 1964.

The first two launches in 1963 were to be max q abort tests and the third was to be a high-altitude atmospheric abort. The first launch in 1964 was to be a very-high-altitude abort and the final launch a confirming max q abort (max q - the point in the exit trajectory at which the launch vehicle and spacecraft are subjected to the severest aerodynamic load). (Evaluation of the proposals took place from April 23 to 27, and the contractor was selected on May 11).

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