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1965.07.23 - Significant hardware Apollo changes

MSC authorized North American to make a number of significant hardware changes.

- Place filters in the propellant lines of the SM's reaction control system.
- Cease all work on an extravehicular probe (responsibility which MSC now assumed).
- Delete from the stabilization and control system (SCS) of all Block II CSMs the hybrid thrust vector control apparatus. (This change reduced the functional capability of the SCS and simplified the system's interface with the guidance and navigation system.)
- Delete the HE orbital antenna from CSMs 012, 014, and all Block II spacecraft.
- Change the propellant mixture in the service propulsion system of Block II spacecraft. The service propulsion engine would be modified, which would require additional developmental and qualification testing.
- Go ahead on thermal coating on the adapter (to achieve the desired thermal environment for the LEM during boost).

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