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1967.07.16 - Soviet space setbacks

Kamanin observes in his diary that there will be no way a Soviet cosmonaut will fly in space in 1967 and blames it all on Mishin.

He faults Mishin for:

- Idiotic insistence on fully automatic manned spacecraft
- Frivolous refusal to fly 'old' spacecraft like Vostok or Voskhod
- Haste in preparation of new spacecraft of the Soyuz series
- Weakness in sticking to unrealistic schedule wishes of Communist Party and government management (notably Smirnov and Pashkov)
- Terrible lack of discipline of his staff, leading to inability to fully execute government decrees
- Complete lack of co-operation with other design bureaux and government agencies.

Kamanin observes that Mishin is trying to take Korolev's place, but lacks Korolev's authority, organisational talent, and unsurpassed ability to motivate and energise people. Mishin has no authority, no talent, and actually demotivates his subordinates. He micromanages and insists on sticking his nose into everything.

Mishin keeps pushing and pushing for Feoktistov to be named a Soyuz spacecraft commander. Kamanin believes this is impossible. The Communist Party requires years of training before a cosmonaut can be appointed to such a position. This Feoktistiov does not have, and besides his vision is far below requirements. The VVS categorically rejects Feoktistov for such duty, but Mishin will not take no for an answer.

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