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1970.06.01 - Soyuz 9

Manned flight endurance test. Medico-biological, scientific and technical studies and experiments in prolonged orbital flight. Inconclusive results due to slow sun-oriented rotation of spacecraft to conserve fuel producing motion sickness in cosmonauts.

Weather on launch day is 25 deg C temperatures, 5 m/s winds. Kamanin meets with the crew at 14:00 at Area 31 to go over the secret code words for the mission. When the cosmonauts radio that they are 'good' or 'excellent' that will mean that they are fully able to continue the flight. If they say their condition is 'normal', that will mean that continuation of the flight requires resolution of problems already known to ground control. 'Satisfactory' will mean that the ground needs to quickly resolve the problem or the crew will have to land ahead of schedule. Kamanin also advises them not to take unnecessary risks, he will support them in any decisions they may make in an emergency. At 19:00 the State Commission meets and gives permission for fuelling of the booster to begin, starting the final countdown to a launch at 24:00 local time. At 19:55 the cosmonauts report to the medical zone at Area 31. It takes 45 minutes to get them in their biosensor harnesses. They arrive at the launch pad at 21:45 and declare their readiness to the State Commission to proceed with flight. Three minutes later they are in the capsule. The launch goes perfectly, the radio and television communications quality from the capsule are excellent.

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