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1964.10.23 - Surveyor Block II study related to the Apollo landing aid problem

Jet Propulsion Laboratory proposed a meeting on October 29 between representatives of NASA Headquarters, Bellcomm, MSC, MIT, and JPL to present the requirements and status of projects underway as they related to the landing aid problem. The Surveyor Block II study effort was concentrating on determining needs of obtaining data on the lunar surface and environment for Apollo.

JPL proposed the following agenda items:

- LEM requirements and specifications on a Surveyor deployed transponder.
- MSC planned active and passive landing aids study program.
- Landing aids capabilities under consideration by the Surveyor study:

- Active RE device.
- Passive RF device - corner reflector or other.
- Visual markers - visible during terminal phase and landing only; visible during terminal phase and landing as well as from lunar orbit; or visible during terminal phase and landing from lunar orbit as well as photographically from the unmanned Lunar Orbiter.

- Landing aids lifetime and checkout problems.
- LEM-Surveyor mission interface problems.

MSC personnel would present a summary of results to date on the first two items and JPL personnel would present similar results on items three and four.

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