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1967.03.18 - The Apollo 204 Review Board accepted the final report of the Security Operations Panel

The Apollo 204 Review Board accepted the final report of the Security Operations Panel (No. 14).

The panel had been assigned to review existing security practices at KSC and supporting areas for adequacy and recommend any needed changes. Practices included access control, personnel sign-in requirements, buddy systems, and background investigation requirements.

The panel's report submitted six findings and determinations, which included:


KSC security personnel or uniformed security personnel had been assigned to all locations requiring safeguarding measures, including launch vehicle stages and spacecraft from the time of arrival at KSC until the time of the January 27 accident.


The number of KSC and uniformed security personnel members used was adequate.


The Apollo Preflight Operations Procedures - dated October 17, 1966, and January 24, 1967 - for access control of test and work areas, required that<

- access controls to spacecraft work areas be exercised by the contractor;

- the contractor maintain a log of all personnel permitted access during off-shift and nonwork periods; and

- the contractor control and log command module ingress and egress.


The procedures established in the Apollo Preflight Operations Procedures were not followed for spacecraft 012 in that

- the contractor failed to exercise adequate access controls on the fifth, sixth, and seventh spacecraft levels;

- the contractor failed to maintain an off-shift log; and

- the command module ingress-egress log was inadequately maintained.

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