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1965.05.13 - The Wet Mock Simulated Launch (WMSL) of Gemini-Titan (GT) 4 was completed.

The spacecraft was then demated from the launch vehicle in order to replace the batteries in the spacecraft adapter; flight seats were also installed and crew stowage evaluated.

While this planned replacement was being carried out, the launch vehicle was the subject of a special tanking test (May 19) to determine the cause of the apparent loading inaccuracies that had turned up during WMSL. The problem was located in the stage II flowmeters, which were replaced (May 21) and checked out in a third tanking test (of stage II only) on May 27. In the meantime, launch vehicle and spacecraft were remated on May 22. The Simulated Flight Test of GT-4 on May 29 concluded prelaunch testing.

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