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1965.11.01 - The subpanel for Gemini VI of the Agena Flight Safety Review Board met at Lockheed.

The subpanel, chaired by Colonel John B. Hudson, Deputy Commander for Launch Vehicles, Air Force Space Systems Division, reviewed Lockheed's flight safety analysis of the failure of Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV) 5002 on October 25.

The subpanel approved the conclusions reached by Lockheed's analysts, that the catastrophic anomaly was apparently caused by a 'hard start' of the Agena's main engine, most probably resulting from a fuel rather than oxidizer lead into the thrust chamber before ignition. Unlike all previous standard Agenas, the GATV had been intentionally sequenced for a fuel lead to conserve oxidizer for the many programmed restarts. The subpanel reported its findings to the parent board on November 3.

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