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1965.11.03 - The Agena Flight Safety Review Board met at Lockheed to continue its investigation of the failure of Gemini Agena target vehicle 5002 on October 25.

The board, chaired by George E. Mueller, NASA Associate Administrator of Manned Space Flight, reviewed the findings of the subpanel for Gemini VI and reached the same conclusion: the failure resulted from a hard start probably caused by the fuel lead.

The next day the board presented its recommendation to Air Force Space Systems Division for a contractural change covering a program to modify the design of the Model 8247 main rocket engine to revert to oxidizer lead. Design verification testing would follow. Existing engines would be recycled through Bell Aerosystems to allow the incorporation of the design modifications. Since two existing engines would be used for design verification testing, two new engines were to be procured as replacements.

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