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1966.04.20 - The tanking test of Gemini launch vehicle (GLV) 9 was conducted.

While the GLV was undergoing post-tanking cleanup, the spacecraft computer and extravehicular systems were retested (April 21-22), pyrotechnics were installed in the spacecraft (April 25), spacecraft final systems tests were run (April 27-28), spacecraft crew stowage was reviewed (April 29), and the astronaut maneuvering unit was reverified (April 30-May 2).

On May 3 the spacecraft and launch vehicle were temporarily mated for an erector-cycling test. GLV systems were then revalidated in preparation for Simultaneous Launch Demonstration (SLD), while spacecraft extravehicular equipment was reworked and revalidated. Spacecraft and GLV were mated for flight May 8. The SLD was conducted May 10, the Final Simulated Flight Test on May 11.

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