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1966.09.16 - The acceptance meeting for target launch vehicle (TLV) 5307 was conducted at San Diego.

The vehicle was shipped to Cape Kennedy following acceptance, arriving September 20.

This vehicle had originally been assigned to the Lunar Orbiter program. The Atlas 5305 failure on May 17, however, followed by the decision to use Atlas 5304 to launch the augmented target docking adapter, made it necessary to procure an additional TLV for the Gemini Program. In May, Gemini Program Office (GPO) completed negotiations to aquire Atlas 7127 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. This vehicle was so different from the Gemini TLV, however, that GPO decided to use the Lunar Orbiter vehicle, Atlas 5803, redesignating it TLV 5307. This vehicle had only nine minor engineering change proposal (ECP) differences from earlier TLVs, all of which analysis showed to be acceptable. Modification for the Gemini program was completed August 22 and factory testing on September 12.

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