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1965.03.31 - Three flights with the Apollo Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV)

Three flights were made with the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) for the purpose of checking the automatic systems that control the attitude of the jet engine and adjusting the throttle so the jet engine would support five-sixths of the vehicle weight.

On March 11 representatives of Flight Research Center (FRC) visited MSC to discuss future programs with Warren North and Dean Grimm of Flight Crew Support Division. A budget for operating the LLRV at FRC through fiscal year 1966 was presented. Consideration was being given to terminating the work at FRC on June 30, 1966, and moving the vehicles and equipment to MSC.

A contract was placed (on March 17) to erect a 12.19 x 12.19-m (40 x 40 ft) building at the south base area of FRC, where the LLRV was flown. Construction was expected to be complete in 60 days and the building should reduce LLRV interference with Air Force operations and enhance the preflight procedures.

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