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1968.04.10 - TV camera to be carried in Apollo 7

A TV camera would be carried in CM 101 on the first manned Apollo flight, Apollo Program Director Samuel C. Phillips, wrote the ASPO Manager (confirming their discussions).

Incorporation and use of the camera in CM 101 would conform to the following ground rules:

- The TV camera and associated hardware would be installed at KSC with no impact on launch schedule;

- the camera would be stowed during the launch phase;

- a mounting bracket for the camera would be provided in the CM to permit simultaneous viewing of all three couch assemblies, for use in monitoring prelaunch hazardous tests and in flight;

- the camera could be hand-held for viewing outside the CM during flight; and

- use of the camera would not be specified on the astronaut's flight planning timeline of essential activities but would be incorporated in the mission as time and opportunity would permit.

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