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Korolev GOX/Kerosene rocket engine. 68.650 kN. N-1 stage 1 (block A) roll control engine. Developed 1969-74. Gimbaling +/- 45 degree. Propellants are fed from main engine (NK-15, NK-33) turbopumps. Isp=313s. Chamber Pressure: 71.60 bar.

Status: Developed 1969-74.
Thrust: 68.65 kN (15,433 lbf).
Specific impulse: 313 s.
Specific impulse sea level: 273 s.
First Launch: 1969-74.

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Associated Launch Vehicles
  • N1F Russian heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle. The N1F would have been the definitive flight version of the N1, incorporating all changes resulting from the four flight tests of the vehicle, including the new Kuznetsov engines and 10% greater liftoff mass by using superchilled propellants in all stages. N1 8L would have been the first N1F configuration flight, with launch planned in the third quarter of 1975 at the time the project was cancelled. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Korolev Russian manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Korolev Design Bureau, Kaliningrad, Russia. More...

Associated Propellants
  • GOX/Kerosene Gaseous oxygen is used as an oxidiser in Russian thrusters for orbital maneuvering and orientation. It is a by-product of liquid oxygen, used in the main engine, and slowly boiling off over time. Rocket propellant RP-1, or its foreign equivalents, is a straight-run kerosene fraction, which is subjected to further treatment, i.e., acid washing, sulphur dioxide extraction. Thus, unsaturated substances which polymerise in storage are removed, as are sulphur-containing hydrocarbons. More...

  • Russian Arms Catalogue, Vol 5 and 6, Military Parade, Moscow via Dietrich Haeseler.
  • Siddiqi, Asif A, Soviet Space Web Page, 1999 via Dietrich Haeseler. Web Address when accessed: here.

Associated Stages
  • N1F Block A Lox/Kerosene propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 2,070,000/126,230 kg. Thrust 49,675.50 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 331 seconds. Includes 14,000 kg for Stage 1-2 interstage. More...

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