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Izotov N2O4/UDMH rocket engine. 134 kN. LK-700S manned lunar lander ascent stage engine. Development ended 1968. Isp=326s. Based UR-100 stage 2 engine. Gas generator cycle; 2 large turbine exhaust pipes.

Krasniy Oktyabr Joint Stock Company, St. Petersburg, built for ascent stage of Chelomei LK-700S manned lunar project. Engines for UR-100 stage 2 and LK-700 probably identical; maybe had same designation. Gas generator cycle; 2 large turbine exhaust pipes. Other LK-700 drawings give engine designation as 15D13 with slightly different thrust.

Status: Development ended 1968.
Thrust: 134.00 kN (30,124 lbf).
Specific impulse: 326 s.
First Launch: 1963-67.

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Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Izotov Russian manufacturer of rocket engines. Izotov Design Bureau, Russia. More...

Associated Propellants
  • N2O4/UDMH Nitrogen tetroxide became the storable liquid propellant of choice from the late 1950's. Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine ((CH3)2NNH2) became the storable liquid fuel of choice by the mid-1950's. Development of UDMH in the Soviet Union began in 1949. It is used in virtually all storable liquid rocket engines except for some orbital manoeuvring engines in the United States, where MMH has been preferred due to a slightly higher density and performance. More...

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  • Federation of American Scientists Web Site, Web Address when accessed: here.

Associated Stages
  • UR-700-4 N2O4/UDMH propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 33,500/1,900 kg. Thrust 131.40 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 326 seconds. Estimated empty mass. Three used to propell LK-700 spacecraft towards moon. More...

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