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Isayev N2O4/UDMH rocket engine.13 N. In Production. Isp=247s. Small attitude control thruster used in Briz, Briz-M upper stage propulsion system S5.98M.

Minimum impulse 0.068 kg-s. Specific impulse also reported as 270 sec.

Application: Rokot-3 Briz; Soyuz-2 Briz; Proton Briz-M vernier.


Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 2.

Status: In Production.
Thrust: 13 N (3 lbf).
Specific impulse: 247 s.
Burn time: 3,200 s.

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Associated Launch Vehicles
  • Rokot Russian all-solid orbital launch vehicle, consisting of decommissioned UR-100N ICBMs with a Briz-KM upper stage. More...
  • Proton/Briz K/M Earlier 8K82K model Proton, but Briz M storable propellant upper stage replaced the Block D cyrogenic stage. More...
  • Angara The Angara was a new all-Russian heavy launch vehicle designed to replace the Zenit (which was built by a Ukrainian company) and Proton (which had launch pads only on Kazakh territory). The booster was sized for rail transport of modular manufactured components to cosmodromes at Plesetsk and Svobodniy. The design featured a single modular core that could be clustered for large payloads or used as a first stage with a variety of existing upper stages. All plans for the Angara were dependent on financing and subject to constant change. More...
  • Proton/Briz M Improved Proton orbital launch vehicle. Improvements in lower stages to reduce structural mass, increase thrust, and fully utilize propellants (reducing release of toxic chemicals in stage impact areas). Briz M storable propellant upper stage replaces Block D cyrogenic stage. More...

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Associated Propellants
  • N2O4/UDMH Nitrogen tetroxide became the storable liquid propellant of choice from the late 1950's. Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine ((CH3)2NNH2) became the storable liquid fuel of choice by the mid-1950's. Development of UDMH in the Soviet Union began in 1949. It is used in virtually all storable liquid rocket engines except for some orbital manoeuvring engines in the United States, where MMH has been preferred due to a slightly higher density and performance. More...

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  • Chemiy, I, "'Rokot' - nekotrie deali", Novosti kosmonavtiki, Issue 3, 1999, p. 53..

Associated Stages
  • Proton KM-4 Briz M N2O4/UDMH propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 22,170/2,370 kg. Thrust 19.60 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 326 seconds. New upper stage for Proton, replacing Energia Corporation's Block DM, making Proton an all-Khrunichev launch vehicle. The Khrunichev-built Briz-M upper stage is a derivative of the flight-proven Briz -K stage (as used on the Rokot booster). More...
  • Rokot-3 Briz N2O4/UDMH propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 6,565/1,600 kg. Thrust 19.60 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 326 seconds. High performance storable liquid engine. The basic stage can be adapted with 'wrap-around' propellant tanks for Proton booster applications. More...

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