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Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne
Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne
Rocketdyne h2o2/kerosene rocket engine. 29.341 kN. Future-X Demonstrator Engine. Gas generator, pump-fed. Heritage technology in evaluation for current applications. X-37 Reusable Upper Stage Vehicle. Isp=245s.

Propellant Formulation: H2O2 (90%) / JP-4 or JP-5.

Thrust: 29.34 kN (6,596 lbf).
Specific impulse: 245 s.
First Launch: 1999.

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  • H2O2/Kerosene Hydrogen peroxide is used as both an oxidiser and a monopropellant. Relatively high density and non-toxic, it was abandoned after early use in British rockets, but recently revived as a propellant for the Black Horse spaceplane. Rocket propellant RP-1, or its foreign equivalents, is a straight-run kerosene fraction, which is subjected to further treatment, i.e., acid washing, sulphur dioxide extraction. Thus, unsaturated substances which polymerise in storage are removed, as are sulphur-containing hydrocarbons. More...

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