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ATS 8 cm

EOS electric/cesium rocket engine. 4.5 mN. Flown in 1974. Isp=6700s.Thruster for the ATS-6 test; consisted of two electron bombardment engines using cesium propellant. The thruster anode diameter was 8 cm, and a cesiated tungsten neutralizer was used.

Beam power supply voltage was 5600 V, and the power per thruster was 0.15 kW, producing 4.5 mN thrust at a specific impulse of 2500 seconds. About 3.6 kg of propellant was carried. The longest ground test prior to launch was 2614 hours, and on ATS-6 the thruster operated for 92 hours before further testing was terminatd due to feed system flooding problems.

Electrical Input Power: 0.15 kW.

Status: Flown in 1974.
Thrust: 0.0045 N (0.0010 lbf).
Specific impulse: 6,700 s.
First Launch: 1974.

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