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Kosberg isopropylnitrate monopropellant rocket engine. 11.8 kN. Missile by Toropov. Out of Production. Intended for air-air missile by I I Toropov. Uncooled thrust chamber. Sea level thrust 11.8 kN.

Application: Missile by Toropov.

Chamber Pressure: 29.40 bar. Propellant Formulation: OT-152.

Status: Out of Production.
Thrust: 11.80 kN (2,653 lbf).
Specific impulse: 200 s.
Specific impulse sea level: 200 s.
Burn time: 6.00 s.
First Launch: 1956.

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  • Kosberg Russian manufacturer of rocket engines. Kosberg Design Bureau, Russia. More...

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  • Golubev, A A, KB KhimAvtomatiki - Straniy Istorii, Vol. 1, Voronezh 1995 via Dietrich Haeseler.

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