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Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne
Rocketdyne exotic LF2/Hydrazine rocket engine. 53.5 kN. Atlas upper stage. Developed 1960's. Engine developed for replacement of Agena upper stage in late 1950's. Not flown due to toxicity of propellants. NOMAD Upper Stage System. Pressure-fed. Isp=357s.

Application: Atlas upper stage. .

AKA: Nomad.
Status: Developed 1960's.
Thrust: 53.50 kN (12,027 lbf).
Specific impulse: 357 s.
First Launch: 1958.

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  • LF2/Hydrazine Liquid Fluorine is the highest performance oxidiser and in the early 1960's it seemed in both American and Russia that a new generation of higher performance engines would emerge. However although test engines were built, fluorine was found to be just too toxic and reactive to be safely used as a propellant. Hydrazine (N2H4) found early use as a fuel, but it was quickly replaced by UDMH. It is still used as a monopropellant for satellite station-keeping motors. More...

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