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Notional Lox/Solid hybrid rocket engine. 931.3 kN. Design 1988. Isp=284s. Used on Industrial Launch Vehicle launch vehicle.

Thrust (sl): 928.000 kN (208,622 lbf). Thrust (sl): 94,636 kgf.

Status: Design 1988.
Diameter: 1.83 m (6.00 ft).
Thrust: 931.30 kN (209,365 lbf).
Specific impulse: 284 s.
Specific impulse sea level: 283 s.
Burn time: 75 s.

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  • Lox/Solid Liquid oxygen was the earliest, cheapest, safest, and eventually the preferred oxidiser for large space launchers. Its main drawback is that it is moderately cryogenic, and therefore not suitable for military uses where storage of the fuelled missile and quick launch are required. Solid propellants have the fuel and oxidiser embedded in a rubbery matrix. They were developed to a high degree of perfection in the United States in the 1950's and 1960's. In Russia, development was slower, due to a lack of technical leadership in the area and rail handling problems. More...

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