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Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne
Rocketdyne N2O4/MMH rocket engine. 0.029 kN. Kinetic Energy Propulsion (7 Ib thrust). Pressure-fed. ASAT Strap-down test, XSS / DICE Microsatellite, GBI Ground-Based Interceptor, THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense. Isp=266s.

Thrust: 29 N (7 lbf).
Specific impulse: 266 s.
First Launch: 1988.

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  • N2O4/MMH Nitrogen tetroxide became the storable liquid propellant of choice from the late 1950's. Monomethylhydrazine (CH3NHNH2) is a storable liquid fuel that found favour in the United States for use in orbital spacecraft engines. Its advantages in comparison to UDMH are higher density and slightly higher performance. More...

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