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UM electric rocket engine. 20 mN. Isp=1400s. Linear Gridless Ion Thruster, a two-stage device designed to incorporate the efficient ionization process of gridded ion thrusters and the high thrust density of Hall thrusters.

The Linear Gridless Ion Thruster (LGIT) was a two-stage device that was designed to incorporate the efficient ionization process found in gridded ion thrusters with the high thrust density and crossed-field acceleration mechanism of Hall thrusters. This thruster essentially combined the ionization stage of an ion thruster with the acceleration stage of a Hall thruster. Initial tests of the LGIT were disappointing. In the three minutes that the discharge was maintained, the thrust stand recorded a constant thrust of approximately 20 mN. This equated to a specific impulse of approximately 1400 seconds. The calculated anode efficiency was 12%. The low efficiency was not surprising considering that the LGIT was operating in a single-stage mode rather than the two-stage mode for which it was designed.

Electrical Input Power: 2.00 kW.

Thrust: 0.0200 N (0.0040 lbf).
Specific impulse: 1,400 s.

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