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Reaction Motors Lox/Ammonia rocket engine. 222.6 kN. D-558-3. Capable rocket engine planned for use in D-558-3 and X-15. Cancelled in favour of XLR-99.

Application: D-558-3.

AKA: XLR30-RM-2.
Thrust: 222.60 kN (50,042 lbf).
First Launch: 1952-1957.

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  • D-558-3 American manned rocketplane. Flown 1954. The D-558-3 was a US Navy/Douglas counterpart to the X-15, which would have kept the Navy in the 'space race' and Douglas in the running for future manned spaceplanes. More...

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  • Lox/Ammonia Liquid oxygen was the earliest, cheapest, safest, and eventually the preferred oxidiser for large space launchers. Its main drawback is that it is moderately cryogenic, and therefore not suitable for military uses where storage of the fuelled missile and quick launch are required. Ammonia (NH3) is a colourless gas and liquid with a strong irritating characteristic odour. More...

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