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P5 Hall thruster

UM-USAF electric/xenon rocket engine. 246 mN. Isp=2326s. 5 kW Hall thruster for research purposes.

5 kW Hall thruster, SPT type. The University of Michigan and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory designed and built the P5 5 kW Hall thruster for research purposes. The P 5 had a discharge chamber outer diameter of 173 mm and was designed to emulate the characteristics of commercial Hall thrusters. Measurements showed that this thruster had performance characteristics comparable to commercial models. This thruster was used for long term research projects at the University of Michigan.

Electrical Input Power: 5.00 kW.

Thrust: 0.25 N (0.06 lbf).
Specific impulse: 2,326 s.

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  • UM-USAF American manufacturer of rocket engines. UM-USAF, USA. More...

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  • Electric/Xenon The many versions of electric engines use electric or magnetic fields to accelerate ionized elements to high velocity, creating thrust. The power source can be a nuclear reactor or thermal-electric generator, or solar panels. Proposed as propellant for some ion motors. More...

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