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Credit: Aerojet Redmond
Redmond electric/teflon rocket engine. 1.24 mN. In Production. Pulsed plasma thruster system. Completely solid state propulsion. Up to 100 W input power at 28 V DC, thrust to power ratio 12.4 microN/W. Isp=1350s.

Electrical Input Power: 0.10 kW. Engine: 4.74 kg (10.44 lb).

Status: In Production.
Unfuelled mass: 4.74 kg (10.44 lb).
Height: 0.29 m (0.94 ft).
Diameter: 0.23 m (0.77 ft).
Thrust: 0.0124 N (0.0027 lbf).
Specific impulse: 1,350 s.
Burn time: 2,500,000 s.

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  • Redmond American manufacturer of rocket engines. Redmond, USA. More...

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  • Electric/Teflon The many versions of electric engines use electric or magnetic fields to accelerate ionized elements to high velocity, creating thrust. The power source can be a nuclear reactor or thermal-electric generator, or solar panels. Teflon was introduced in the late 1990's as the solid fuel heated electrically to provide a completely solid-state rocket system for spacecraft orientation with no moving parts. More...

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