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Marquardt N2O4/MMH rocket engine. 0.110 kN. In Production from 1981. Isp=280s. Thruster developed as the Space Shuttle Orbiter's vernier attitude control and orbit adjust thruster. There were six employed in conjunction with the 38 R-40 thrusters.

A 110 N hypergolic thruster was developed as the Space Shuttle Orbiter's vernier attitude control and orbit adjust thruster. There are six employed in conjunction with the 38 3870 N R-40 thrusters. Applications: Shuttle Orbiter Vernier, satellite orbit adjust. First Flown: April 1981 on Columbia. Length: 279 mm, 312 mm satellite version. Maximum Diameter: 15.2 cm satellite version, 14 cm Shuttle version. Mounting: fixed. Engine Cycle: pressure-fed at 15 atm (range 6.8-27.2 atm). Oxidizer: nitrogen tetroxide at 0.0256 kg/sec. Fuel: monomethyl hydrazine at 0.0354 kg/sec. Mixture Ratio(O/F): 1.65 (range 1-2.7). Thrust: 110 N (range 67-155.7 N). Combustion Chamber: single chamber. Expansion Ratio: min ratio of 26 with orthogonal and scarfed nozzles. Combustion Chamber Construction: made of silicide-coated columbium (niobium) and insulated for buried installation.. Ignition: started by electrical signal to on/off solenoid valve. Single doublet injector with hypergolic ignition.. Burn Time: min 82,000 secs demonstrated. 0.89 Ns min impulse bit.

Engine: 3.70 kg (8.10 lb). Chamber Pressure: 7.40 bar. Area Ratio: 26. Thrust to Weight Ratio: 3.02.

Status: In Production.
Unfuelled mass: 3.70 kg (8.10 lb).
Height: 0.28 m (0.92 ft).
Diameter: 0.15 m (0.50 ft).
Thrust: 110 N (20 lbf).
Specific impulse: 280 s.
Burn time: 1,500 s.

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  • Kudryavtseva, V M, ed., Zhidkostnikh Raketnikh Dvigatley, Visshaya Shkola, Moscow, 1993.

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