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NII Mash GOX/Kerosene rocket engine. 0.200 kN. Buran. Out of Production. Low-thrust attitude control thruster. Mass in ref. NIIMash 95 given as only 2.5 kg. Isp=265s.

Application: Buran.

Engine: 5.50 kg (12.10 lb). Thrust to Weight Ratio: 3.63.

Status: Out of Production.
Unfuelled mass: 5.50 kg (12.10 lb).
Thrust: 200 N (40 lbf).
Specific impulse: 265 s.

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  • NII Mash Russian manufacturer of rocket engines. NII Mash, Russia. More...

Associated Propellants
  • GOX/Kerosene Gaseous oxygen is used as an oxidiser in Russian thrusters for orbital maneuvering and orientation. It is a by-product of liquid oxygen, used in the main engine, and slowly boiling off over time. Rocket propellant RP-1, or its foreign equivalents, is a straight-run kerosene fraction, which is subjected to further treatment, i.e., acid washing, sulphur dioxide extraction. Thus, unsaturated substances which polymerise in storage are removed, as are sulphur-containing hydrocarbons. More...

  • Haeseler, Dietrich, Datasheets from NII Mashinostroeniye, Nishnaya Salda, 1992 via Dietrich Haeseler.

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