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NII Mash air cold gas thruster. 5 N. MMK. In Production. Low-thrust cold-gas thruster. Isp=70s.

Application: MMK.

Engine: 0.35 kg (0.77 lb). Thrust to Weight Ratio: 1.45.

Status: In Production.
Unfuelled mass: 0.35 kg (0.77 lb).
Thrust: 5.00 N (1.10 lbf).
Specific impulse: 70 s.

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Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • NII Mash Russian manufacturer of rocket engines. NII Mash, Russia. More...

Associated Propellants
  • Air Air used as an inert cold gas, held under pressure and released by valves to create thrust. More...

  • Haeseler, Dietrich, Datasheets from NII Mashinostroeniye, Nishnaya Salda, 1992 via Dietrich Haeseler.

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