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Isayev rocket engine. V-1000. Out of Production. OKB-2 transferred work on the S2.1100 to OKB-117 in 1958-59. OKB-117 completed development.

Application: V-1000.

Chambers: 4.

Status: Out of Production.
First Launch: 1955-60.

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  • V-1000 Russian anti-ballistic missile. First Soviet anti-ballistic missile system. Development began in 1956 and the system was tested at Sary Shagan 1960 to 1961. It was clear that enormous development work was needed to achieve an operational anti-ballistic missile system. Therefore work began on the successor A-35 system, although the Americans were led to believe that an operational system was deployed around Moscow. The System A anti-ballistic missile equipped with the V-1000 rocket made the first intercept and destruction in the world using a conventional warhead of an intermediate range ballistic missile warhead coming in at 3 km/s on 4 May 1961. The US did not demonstrate an equivalent capability until 1984. More...

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