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Sert-I Mercury

NASA Cleveland electric/mercury rocket engine. 28 mN. Developed 1962-1964. Isp=4900s. 10 cm diameter mercury electron bombardment ion engine used on the first successful flight test of ion propulsion on a Scout X-4 launch vehicle.

The engine provided flow control via a boiler and a porous stainless steel plug. A hot tantalum wire was used as the discharge cathode. Beam and accelerator power supply voltages were 2500 V and 2000 V, respectively. The engine had a 1.4 kW power level with 28 mN of thrust at a specific impulse of about 4900 s. Ion beam neutralization was provided by a heated tantalum filament

Electrical Input Power: 1.40 kW.

Status: In Development, 1962-1964..
Thrust: 0.0280 N (0.0060 lbf).
Specific impulse: 4,900 s.
First Launch: 1964.

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