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Aerojet isopropylnitrate monopropellant rocket engine. Lark. Launch thrust 6.66 kN. Development begun March 1945. Turborocket; turbine-pump fed monopropellant, single uncooled thrust chamber. Development unsuccessful, all work terminated.

Development begun March 1945. Turborocket (included in general R&D contract). Turbine-pump fed monopropellant, single uncooled thrust chamber. Starting catalyst carried seperately. Squib or oxygen spark ignition. Development unsuccessful, all work terminated contract W33-038. Also lower thrust XCNLT-600/1000 models.

Application: Lark.


Thrust (sl): 6.660 kN (1,497 lbf). Thrust (sl): 680 kgf. Engine: 33 kg (72 lb). Chamber Pressure: 61.00 bar. Propellant Formulation: Nitromethane.

AKA: XLR15-AJ-1.
Unfuelled mass: 33 kg (72 lb).
Height: 0.52 m (1.70 ft).
Diameter: 0.18 m (0.58 ft).
Thrust: 6.66 kN (1,497 lbf).
Burn time: 60 s.
First Launch: March 1945.

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