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Dynasoar 4

X-20 Dynasoar
X-20 Dynasoar at sunrise
Credit: © Mark Wade
Planned second manned Dynasoar single-orbit flight. Project cancelled in December 1963

Objectives of the second manned Dynasoar single-orbit flight were to demonstrate maneuver in orbit and during re-entry, and systems evaluation. Orbital attitude maneuvers would have been made to plus/minus 90 degrees in all axes, including visual reference checks. During re-entry control maneuvers would be made at pitch angles of from 10 to 50 degrees with a 3000 m altitude margin.

First Launch: 1966 Late.

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Dynasoar 4 Chronology

1966 Late - .
  • Dynasoar 4 (cancelled) - . Nation: USA. Flight: Dynasoar 4. Spacecraft: Dynasoar. Summary: Planned date for second manned Dynasoar single-orbit flight..

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