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ISS EO-20-2

NASA long-term third ISS astronaut residence mission. Crew: Stott. Final NASA long-term third ISS astronaut, arriving aboard STS-128, replacing astronaut Kopra aboard the station. Returned on STS-129. Backup crew: Coleman.

First Launch: 2009.08.29.
Last Launch: 2009.11.27.
Duration: 90.45 days.

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Associated People
  • Coleman Coleman, Dr Catherine Grace 'Cady' (1960-) American materials scientist mission specialist astronaut. Flew on STS-73, STS-93, ISS EO-26. US Air Force engineer. More...
  • Stott Stott, Nicole Marie Passonno (1962-) American engineer mission specialist astronaut, 2000-on. More...

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Associated Flights
  • STS-128 Crew: Sturckow, Ford, Forrester, Hernandez, Fuglesang, Olivas. Deliver to the ISS and install the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM); Lightweight Multi-Purpose Experiment Support Structure Carrier (LMC); Three-crew quarters, galley, and second treadmill (TVIS2); and the Crew Health Care System 2 (CHeCS 2). More...

Associated Programs
  • ISS Finally completed in 2010 after a torturous 25-year development and production process, the International Space Station was originally conceived as the staging post for manned exploration of the solar systrem. Instead, it was seemed to be the death knell of manned spaceflight. More...

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