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Salyut 6 EP-3

Salyut 6 Cutaway
The Salyut 6 space station was the first evolved design with two docking ports.
Credit: RKK Energia
Salyut 6 EP-3
Credit: www.spacefacts.de - www.spacefacts.de
Soyuz 30
Klimuk and Hermaszewski before launch
Credit: RKK Energia
Crew: Hermaszewski, Klimuk. First Polish astronaut. Manned two crew. Docked with Salyut 6. Mission to swap Soyuz lifeboats docked to station. Backup crew: Jankowski, Kubasov.

Manned two crew. Docked with Salyut 6. Placed on board the Salyut-6 station, under the Intercosmos programme, the second, international crew consisting of P I Klimuk (USSR) and M Hermaszewski (Poland) to conduct scientific investigations and experiments. The experiment program stressed life sciences, Earth observations, and study of the aurora borealis.

AKA: Kavkas (Caucasus ); Soyuz 30.
Location: Military History Museum, Warsaw, Poland.
First Launch: 1978.06.27.
Last Launch: 1978.07.05.
Duration: 7.92 days.

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Associated People
  • Kubasov Kubasov, Valeri Nikolayevich (1935-) Russian engineer cosmonaut. Flew on Soyuz 6, Soyuz 19 (ASTP), Salyut 6 EP-5. Flew in first docking mission between American and Soviet spacecraft. Missed two chances to be first engineer on a Soviet space station (Cosmos 557 and Soyuz 11). More...
  • Jankowski Jankowski, Zenon 'Zden' (1937-) Polish pilot cosmonaut, 1976-1978. Graduated from General Staff Academy "Karol Swierczewski", 1969 Fighter pilot, Polish Air Force. Commander, Deblin Air Force School. Later retired from all duties. More...
  • Hermaszewski Hermaszewski, Miroslaw 'Mirek' (1941-) Polish pilot cosmonaut. Flew on Salyut 6 EP-3. First Polish astronaut. More...
  • Klimuk Klimuk, Pyotr Ilyich (1942-) Belarusian pilot cosmonaut. Flew on Soyuz 13, Soyuz 18, Salyut 6 EP-3. More...

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Associated Programs
  • Salyut 6 Mishin was authorised in December 1973 to build an improved design DOS-5 version of the Salyut station using Almaz facilities. Mishin's bureau borrowed the two docking port configuration of Chelomei's Almaz OPS-2 This station's second docking port would allow rotation of crews and resupply/refueling using unmanned Progress spacecraft. More...

Salyut 6 EP-3 Chronology

1978 June 27 - . 15:27 GMT - . Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC1. LV Family: R-7. Launch Vehicle: Soyuz 11A511U.
  • Soyuz 30 - . Call Sign: Kavkas (Caucasus ). Crew: Hermaszewski; Klimuk. Backup Crew: Jankowski; Kubasov. Payload: Soyuz 7K-T(A9) s/n 67. Mass: 6,800 kg (14,900 lb). Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Hermaszewski; Klimuk; Jankowski; Kubasov. Agency: MOM. Program: Salyut 6. Class: Manned. Type: Manned spacecraft. Flight: Salyut 6 EP-3; Salyut 6 EO-2. Spacecraft: Soyuz 7K-T/A9. Duration: 7.92 days. Decay Date: 1978-07-05 . USAF Sat Cat: 10968 . COSPAR: 1978-065A. Apogee: 244 km (151 mi). Perigee: 194 km (120 mi). Inclination: 51.6000 deg. Period: 88.80 min. Summary: Manned two crew. Docked with Salyut 6. Placed on board the Salyut-6 station, under the Intercosmos programme, a second, international, crew consisting of P.I. Klimuk (USSR) and M. Hermaszewski (Poland) to conduct scientific investigations and experiments..

1978 July 5 - .
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