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Last ISS assembly mission and last flight of shuttle Endeavour. Crew: Kelly, Mark; Johnson, Gregory; Fincke; Chamitoff; Feustel; Vittori.

AKA: Endeavour;ISS-ULF6.
First Launch: 2011.02.26.
Duration: 15.74 days.

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Associated People
  • Johnson, Gregory H Johnson, Gregory Harold 'Box' (1962-) British-American test pilot astronaut. Flew on STS-123, STS-134. Flew 34 combat missions in Operation Desert Storm. More...
  • Chamitoff Chamitoff, Gregory Errol (1962-) Jewish-Canadian engineer mission specialist astronaut. Flew on ISS EO-17-1, STS-134. More...
  • Kelly, Mark Kelly, Mark Edward (1964-) American test pilot astronaut. Flew on STS-108, STS-121, STS-124, STS-134. Twin brother of astronaut Scott Kelly. Grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. Flew 39 combat missions over Iraq. More...
  • Vittori Vittori, Roberto (1964-) Italian test pilot mission specialist astronaut. Flew on ISS EP-3, ISS EP-8, STS-134. Italian Air Force. More...
  • Feustel Feustel, Andrew Jay 'Drew' (1965-) American scientist mission specialist astronaut, 2000-on. Flew on STS-134. More...
  • Fincke Fincke, Edward Michael 'Mike' (1967-) American test pilot mission specialist astronaut. Flew on ISS EO-9, ISS EO-18, STS-134. 381 cumulative days in space. More...

Associated Countries
Associated Spacecraft
  • Endeavour American manned spaceplane. 25 launches, 1992.05.07 to 2011.05.16. Built as a replacement after the loss of the Challenger; named after the first ship commanded by James Cook. More...

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Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • NASA American agency overseeing development of rockets and spacecraft. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA, USA. More...

Associated Programs
  • ISS Finally completed in 2010 after a torturous 25-year development and production process, the International Space Station was originally conceived as the staging post for manned exploration of the solar systrem. Instead, it was seemed to be the death knell of manned spaceflight. More...

Associated Launch Sites
  • Cape Canaveral America's largest launch center, used for all manned launches. Today only six of the 40 launch complexes built here remain in use. Located at or near Cape Canaveral are the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, used by NASA for Saturn V and Space Shuttle launches; Patrick AFB on Cape Canaveral itself, operated the US Department of Defense and handling most other launches; the commercial Spaceport Florida; the air-launched launch vehicle and missile Drop Zone off Mayport, Florida, located at 29.00 N 79.00 W, and an offshore submarine-launched ballistic missile launch area. All of these take advantage of the extensive down-range tracking facilities that once extended from the Cape, through the Caribbean, South Atlantic, and to South Africa and the Indian Ocean. More...

STS-134 Chronology

2011 May 16 - . 12:56 GMT - . Launch Site: Cape Canaveral. Launch Complex: Cape Canaveral LC39A. LV Family: Shuttle. Launch Vehicle: Shuttle. LV Configuration: Shuttle s/n OV105 / ET s/n ET-122 / RSRM-113.
  • STS-134 - . Call Sign: Endeavour. Crew: Kelly, Mark; Johnson, Gregory H; Fincke; Chamitoff; Feustel; Vittori. Payload: Endeavour F25 / ELC-3 / AMS-02. Nation: USA. Agency: NASA. Program: ISS. Class: Manned. Type: Manned spaceplane. Flight: STS-134; ISS EO-27. Spacecraft: Endeavour. Duration: 15.74 days. Decay Date: 2011-06-01 . COSPAR: 2011-020A. Apogee: 345 km (214 mi). Perigee: 337 km (209 mi). Inclination: 51.6000 deg. Period: 91.40 min. Final space station assembly mission. Also delivered spare parts. Endeavour docked with the Station at 10:14 GMT on 18 May. The ELC-3 carrier was unberthed from the shuttle at 13:27 GMT and installed on the Station's truss at 16:09 GMT. The AMS-02 Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer was unberthed at 06:59 GMT on 19 May and bolted to the Station's S3 truss at 09:46 GMT. Cargo Bay Manifest:
    • External Airlock/ODS: 1800 kg
    • EMU spacesuits 3004, 3018: 260
    • RMS arm 201: 410 kg
    • Orbiter Boom Sensor System: 382 kg
    • Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (particle detector to search for antimatter): 6917
    • STORRM (lidar to test rendezvous and docking technology for the Orion spacecraft): 17 kg
    • PPSU-2 electronics box: 17 kg
    • SPDU: 17 kg kg
    • ROEU 755 umbilical for ELC-3: 90 kg
    • ROEU 751 umbilical for AMS-02: 78 kg
    • MISSE carriers (3): 171 kg
    • MISSE 8 experiment (studies the effect of exposing various materials to space): 45 kg
    • Express Logistics Carrier:
      • ELC-3 plus support hardware: 3207 kg
      • Cargo Transport Container: 476 kg
      • SASA-2R S-band antenna: 116 kg
      • SASA-3R S-band antenna: 116 kg
      • SPDM Arm 3/OCTM: 342 kg
      • SPDM support hardware: 269 kg
      • HPGA oxygen tank: 552 kg
      • ATA-2 ammonia tank: 772 kg
      • STP-H3 experiment package (set of US DoD Space Test Program experiments, including thermal control systems and space environment sensors): 500 kg
    • Total Payload: 16,554 kg

2011 May 20 - .
  • EVA STS-134-1 - . Crew: Feustel; Chamitoff. EVA Type: Extravehicular activity. EVA Duration: 0.26 days. Nation: USA. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-134; ISS EO-27. Summary: Retrueved MISSE 7 experiments and replaced them with MISSE 8, and performed maintenance on the station exterior..

2011 May 22 - .
  • EVA STS-134-2 - . Crew: Feustel; Fincke. EVA Type: Extravehicular activity. EVA Duration: 0.34 days. Nation: USA. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-134; ISS EO-27; ISS EO-26. Summary: Refilled P5 truss radiators with ammonia and completed ammonia system venting. Lubricated SARJ and Dextre..

2011 May 25 - .
  • EVA STS-134-3 - . Crew: Feustel; Fincke. EVA Type: Extravehicular activity. EVA Duration: 0.29 days. Nation: USA. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-134; ISS EO-27. Summary: Installed grapple for Canadarm2 on Zarya..

2011 May 28 - .
  • EVA STS-134-4 - . Crew: Fincke; Chamitoff. EVA Type: Extravehicular activity. EVA Duration: 0.31 days. Nation: USA. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-134; ISS EO-27. Summary: Moved the Orbiter Boom Sensor System from the shuttle to an ISS truss. Completed other external work on the Dextre arm and the PMM module. This EVA completed assembly of the US segment of the ISS..

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