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Crew: Jones Charles. Planned shuttle mission. Cancelled after Challenger disaster.

Planned shuttle mission. Cancelled after Challenger disaster.

First Launch: 1986 December.

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  • Jones, Charles Jones, Charles Edward 'Chuck' (1952-2001) American engineer military spaceflight engineer astronaut, 1982-1987. Killed in 9-11 hijacking. More...

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  • STS The Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle) was conceived originally as a completely reusable system that would provide cheap, routine access to space and replace all American and civilian military launch vehicles. Crippled by technological overreach, political compromise, and budget limitations, it instead ended up costing more than the expendable rockets it was to have replaced. STS sucked the money out of all other NASA projects for half a century. The military abandoned its use after the Challenger shuttle explosion in the 1980's. More...

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