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Pre-World War II anti-aircraft missile flown in the USSR. The 217/II follow-on to the 217/I had the first 'rocket' layout - four small wings, each all-moving.

The missile was launched from a 10 m long rail that could be elevated. A solid rocket would accelerate the missile to 1000 m altitude, after which the missile would decelerate. Tests with sub-scale powder rockets proved the viability of the cruciform wing layout. The project was directed by M P Dryazgov.

Maximum range: 6.84 km (4.25 mi). Boost Propulsion: Solid rocket. Maximum speed: 300 kph (180 mph). Engine: 17.5 kg;3.5 sec burn time;PTP propellant.

Gross mass: 140 kg (308 lb).
Height: 184.00 m (603.00 ft).
Span: 0.79 m (2.58 ft).
Apogee: 3.27 km (2.03 mi).

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