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Russian intermediate range ballistic missile. Initially designated SS-22 by DoD; redesignated SS-12M Scaleboard B

Standard warhead: 450 kg (990 lb). Maximum range: 900 km (550 mi). Number Standard Warheads: 1. Warhead yield: 500 KT. CEP: 0.23 km (0.14 mi). Boost Propulsion: Solid rocket. Initial Operational Capability: 1984. Total Number Built: 726.

AKA: OTR-22; SS-12M; 9K76B; SS-22; Scaleboard; Temp-SM; 9M76.
Gross mass: 9,400 kg (20,700 lb).
Payload: 450 kg (990 lb).
Height: 12.38 m (40.61 ft).
Diameter: 1.01 m (3.31 ft).
Span: 1.01 m (3.31 ft).

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