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Russian surface-to-air missile. The Antey-2500 was a new generation of the S-300V, capable of shooting down re-entry vehicles of IRBMs of up to 2500 km range.

The system could track simultaneously 24 low radar cross section aerial targets, or 16 re-entry vehicles of 0.02 square meter radar cross section coming in at speeds of 4500 m/s. The system was equipped with the modernised 9M82M and 9M83M missiles. These had the same mass and dimensions as the earlier missiles, but were equipped with improved guidance systems. They were capable of successfully intercepting even intensively manoeuvring targets. The 9M82M would be assigned by the system to re-entry vehicles and aircraft or cruise missile targets up to 200 km away. The 9M83M would be assigned to closer targets. It took ten years to develop this system after the go-ahead. A division of Antey-2500 missiles would consist of:

  • One 9S15M2 circular observation radar
  • One 9S19M sector observation radar
  • One 9S457M command point
  • Four 9S32M MSNR
  • 24 9A93M PU
  • 24 9A84M PZU
  • 48 9M82M surface-to-air missiles with 200 km range
  • 96 9M83M shorter range surface-to-air missiles

Maximum target speed, 3 km/sec. Reaction time 28 seconds. 5 minutes time to set-up or depart launch site for shoot-and-scoot. 24 targets can be tracked, and four missiles guided simultaneously to 4 seperate targets. 96-192 missiles per firing unit depending on mix.

Radars: 9S15MT-3 Bill Board A target acquisition radar, F band, range 330 km. 9S19 Imbir High Screen target acquisition radar, range 175 km. 9S32 Grill Pan target tracking radar, band, range 175 km.

Standard warhead: 150 kg (330 lb). Maximum range: 200 km (120 mi). Floor: 25 m (82 ft).

Status: Active.
Payload: 150 kg (330 lb).
Apogee: 30 km (18 mi).

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