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Atlas V 531

Atlas V 531

First Launch: 2010.08.14.
Last Launch: 2010.08.14.
Number: 1 .

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Associated Spacecraft
  • AEHF The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite program was the next generation of global, highly secure, survivable communications system for all services of the US Department of Defense, replacing the Milstar series. The first was finally launched three years behind schedule at a cost that had doubled from the original $5 billion estimate. More...

Atlas V 531 Chronology

2010 August 14 - . 11:07 GMT - . Launch Site: Cape Canaveral. Launch Complex: Cape Canaveral LC41. Launch Pad: SLC41. LV Family: Atlas V. Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 531.
  • USA 214 - . Payload: AEHF SV-1. Nation: USA. Agency: Martin. Class: Communications. Type: Military communications satellite. Spacecraft: AEHF. USAF Sat Cat: 36868 . COSPAR: 2010-039A. Apogee: 51,018 km (31,701 mi). Perigee: 12,053 km (7,489 mi). Inclination: 9.9000 deg. Period: 1,224.50 min. First USAF Advanced EHF communications satellite. Placed in an initial 221 x 50179 km x 22.2 deg geosynchronous transfer orbit by the Atlas Centaur upper stage. However the satellite's main BT-4 engine failed, meaning the secondary hydrazine thrusters were used to much more satellite raise the spacecraft to geosynchronous orbit.

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