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Delta IV Small

American orbital launch vehicle. Light launch vehicle using the Delta-4 core with the traditional Delta K and PAM-D upper stages. 2 m diameter payload fairing. Not flown as of 2008 but cancellation of the Delta II could lead to its eventual use.

Payload: 2,200 kg (4,800 lb) to a GTO.

Stage Data - Delta IV Small

  • Stage 1. 1 x Delta RS-68. Gross Mass: 226,400 kg (499,100 lb). Empty Mass: 26,760 kg (58,990 lb). Thrust (vac): 3,312.755 kN (744,737 lbf). Isp: 420 sec. Burn time: 249 sec. Isp(sl): 365 sec. Diameter: 5.10 m (16.70 ft). Span: 5.10 m (16.70 ft). Length: 40.80 m (133.80 ft). Propellants: Lox/LH2. No Engines: 1. Engine: RS-68. Status: In production. Comments: Low cost expendable stage using lower performance engine. Used in Delta 4, Boeing EELV. Engine can be throttled to 60%.
  • Stage 2. 1 x Delta K. Gross Mass: 6,954 kg (15,330 lb). Empty Mass: 950 kg (2,090 lb). Thrust (vac): 43.630 kN (9,808 lbf). Isp: 319 sec. Burn time: 431 sec. Diameter: 1.70 m (5.50 ft). Span: 2.40 m (7.80 ft). Length: 5.89 m (19.32 ft). Propellants: N2O4/Aerozine-50. No Engines: 1. Engine: AJ10-118K. Status: In Production.
  • Stage 3. 1 x PAM-D. Gross Mass: 2,141 kg (4,720 lb). Empty Mass: 232 kg (511 lb). Thrust (vac): 67.155 kN (15,097 lbf). Isp: 292 sec. Burn time: 88 sec. Isp(sl): 0.0000 sec. Diameter: 1.24 m (4.06 ft). Span: 1.24 m (4.06 ft). Length: 2.04 m (6.69 ft). Propellants: Solid. No Engines: 1. Engine: Star 48. Other designations: TE-M-711-18. Status: Out of Production.

Status: In production.
Gross mass: 244,046 kg (538,029 lb).
Payload: 2,200 kg (4,800 lb).
Height: 59.00 m (193.00 ft).
Diameter: 5.00 m (16.40 ft).
Thrust: 2,949.00 kN (662,961 lbf).

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Associated Engines
  • AJ10-118K Aerojet N2O4/Aerozine-50 rocket engine. 43.4 kN. Isp=321s. Pressure-fed engine, optimized for altitude operation, used in Delta K stage from 1989. Not regeneratively cooled; used a rubber modified silica phenolic ablative at the combustion flame front. More...
  • RS-68 Rocketdyne lox/lh2 rocket engine. 3312 kN. In production. Isp=420s. First new large liquid-fueled rocket engine developed in America in more than 25 years. Powered the Delta IV booster. First flight 2002. More...
  • Star 48 Thiokol solid rocket engine. 67.2 kN. Used in Delta 3900; Conesotga; PAM-S; PAM-D. Total flown included in total for Star-48-8. Total impulse 575,682 kgf-sec. Motor propellant mass fraction 0.946. Isp=286s. First flight 1982. More...

See also
  • Delta IV The Delta IV was the world's first all-Lox/LH2 launch vehicle and represented the only all-new-technology launch vehicle developed in the United States since the 1970's. It was the winner of the bulk of the USAF EELV orders and was based on the all-new RS-68-powered Lox/LH2 cryogenic Common Booster Core (CBC). This could be used with new Delta cryogenic upper stages powered by the RL10 engine but unrelated to previous Centaur upper stages. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Douglas American manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Boeing Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach, CA, USA. More...

Associated Stages
  • Delta RS-68 Lox/LH2 propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 226,400/26,760 kg. Thrust 3,312.76 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 420 seconds. Low cost expendable stage using lower performance engine. Used in Delta 4, Boeing EELV. Engine can be throttled to 60%. More...
  • Delta K N2O4/Aerozine-50 propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 6,954/950 kg. Thrust 43.63 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 319 seconds. More...
  • PAM-D Solid propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 2,141/232 kg. Thrust 67.16 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 292 seconds. More...

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