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Gradicom 2

Two-stage suborbital solid propellant military test vehicle, 933 kg mass.

Developed by the Center for Scientific and Technological Research for Defense CITEDEF, the Gradicom 2 was developed by a team of 70 enginers in the fields of solid propellant, structures, electronics and telemetry, in a job that took a year and cost four million pesos. The vehicle had a liftoff mass of 933 kg and was 7.7 meters long. By 2012 a second test missile of twice the size, the Orbit, was to be launched. Ultimate objective was a dual-purpose vehicle that could be used as a guided missile (with guidance and control systems) or as a ballistic rocket.

First Launch: 2011.07.11.
Last Launch: 2011.07.11.
Number: 1 .

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Gradicom 2 Chronology

2011 July 11 - . 15:35 GMT - . Launch Site: Balasore. Launch Vehicle: Gradicom 2.
  • Gradicom - . Nation: India. Apogee: 100 km (60 mi). Test mission; GRAndes DImensiones COMpuestos (Large Size Composite propellant); the main motor, tested to 40 km on 2009 Dec 17 from Serrezuela, is 0.32m dia 2.5m long. The new vehicle appears to have a booster stage of the same diameter; it is 7.7m long 0.32m dia and has a total mass of 933 kg.

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